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Recorded and released works of Alan Merrill All songs composed solely by Alan Merrill unless otherwise indicated.
1-"Policy" 2-"Please Let Me Love You" 3-"Know Yourself" 4-"Ferris Wheel" 5-"Tranquility" 6-"Everyday All Night Stand" 7-"Starstruck" 8-"Knot Tier" 9-"First Love" 10-"Movies" 11-"Crazy Lady" Above titles published by ALFA Music / Tokyo Released as the LP "Merrill 1" on Denon-Columbia Records CD 7025 Z 12-"Meantime Of The Year" 13-"Of The People" 14-"In The Morning" 15-"Long Road Home" Above titles published by Ti Te Ta Music / Tokyo All songs co-written with Kamayatsu Hiroshi Released as an LP by Hiroshi Kamayatsu Title "Father and Mad Son". 16-"I Said He Said She Said" Song published by ALFA Music Released as an LP by Miki Curtis on Vertigo Records FX 8602 This song was co-written with Miki Curtis
17-"Automatic Pilot" 18-"Billy Mars" 19-"Terminal City" 20-"Sands Of Time" 21-"Pontiac Pan" 22-"Diamonds To Dungarees" 23-"Monitor" 24-"Vacuum Girl" 25-"Scratchin'" Songs published by EMI Publishing /Japan Released as an LP by the group VODKA COLLINS on EMI-Toshiba Records ETP 8274 #20)- also recorded by the group The Grand on EMI Records/ Japan Co-writer on songs 17 & 20- Hiroshi Oguchi
26) "We Can Make it together" 27) "Movin' Next Door To You" 28) "Diesel Locomotive Dancer" 29) "I Love Rock n Roll" 30) "My World Is Turning On Love" 31) "First Hit" 32) "What's Come Between Us" 33) "Don't Worry 'Bout Love" 34) "Feelin' This Way" 35) "Love Is Easy" All songs co-written with Jake Hooker except #34 co-written with Jake Hooker and Paul Varley Recorded by The Arrows on RAK Records Ltd. U.K. Published by RAK Publishing Ltd.
36) "Love Rider" 37) "Faith In You" 38) "Bring Back The Fire" 39) " Goodbye's Don't Bother Me" 39) "Dare You Not To Dance" Performed on the Arrows weekly TV series on Granada U.K. Co-written with Jake Hooker and Terry Taylor
40) "Rock 'n Roll Soldiers" 41) "Sooner Than Later" 42) "Foolin' Myself" 43) "Gone Too Long" Recorded and released by Runner on Island Records ILPS 9536 # 41 Co-written with Steve Gould and Mick Feat #42 & 43 Co-written with Steve Gould Published by ATV Music Ltd.
44) "When The Night Comes" REcorded by Lou Rawls on Epic Records Recorded by Catherine Howe on Arista Records Recorded by Ramon Bugatti on Motor Records Published by ATV Music Ltd. 45) "A Love Like Ours" Recorded by Mika Ohashi on Phillips Records Recorded by Helen Merrill on Teichiku Records Co-written with Terry Taylor Published by ATV Music 46) "Ecstasy" Recorded by Steve Flanagan on Legion Records co-written with Terry Taylor Published by ATV Music 47) "Love Express" Recorded by The George Collis Band on Ariola Records Later recorded by Rick Derringer on JEM Records, and Alan Merrill on Polydor Records co-written with Terry taylor, Published by ATV Music Ltd.
48) "White Heat" 49) "Lesson Learned" 50) "Shake Me" Recorded by Rick Derringer on Good Dirty Fun album on Jem Records #49 co-written with Rick Derringer, #50 with Jake Hooker
51) "I Love Rocky Road" Recorded by Wierd Al 52) "I Love Funk 'n Roll" Recorded by the Family Players #51 & 52 co-written with Jake Hooker
53) "She Rocks Me" 54) "Hard Hearted Woman" 55) "Keep On Comin'" 56) "Cold Cold September" 57) "Rock Me In Rhythm" 58) "N.Y. City" 59) "Rain Chasing Dreams" 60) "Freewheeler" 61) "Always Another Train" 62) "Rock On You" Recorded by Alan Merrill, solo album on Polydor Records 823 577 I YI #58 & 60 co-written with Terry Taylor # 61 co-written with Jake Hooker and Terry Taylor Published by ATV Music Ltd. and Tugboat Music Ltd.
63) "Who Done It" Recorded by Alan Merrill on MEC Records Published by Tugboat Music Theme song of Encyclopedia Brown/ HBO TV Series 64) "Last Tango In Idaville" "b" side of the 45 RPM single record "Who Done It". 65) "Season Of Our Love" Recorded by Helen Merrill with the Modern Jazz Quartet Published by MJQ Music
Songs recorded by the band Vodka Collins 66) "Timeless Lover" 67) "Miss Cadillac" 68) "Can't Buy A Thrill" 69) "Let's Get Drunk" 70) "Pink Soup" 71) "Theo" 72) "Les Animaux De Partay" 73) "It Hurts" 74) "Motive Confusion" 75) "Is This Chuck Berry" 76) "Church On Devil's Ground" 77) "Feet" (All Around The World) 78) "Tumbleweed" 79) "Boys In The Band" 80) "W.O.W" 81) "Roppongi Roppongi" 82) "Skying" 83) "C'est No More" 84) "Sorry" 85) "Bitches For Breakfast" 86) "Passion And Emotion 87) "Miss Prettyface" 88) "Possession Obsession 89) "So Deep" 90) "See You Comin'" 91) "Bridge To The Moon" 92) "Instant Gratification" 93) "Foreign Prince Of Tokyo" 94) "Knife" All songs published by Tugboat Music These songs appear on the albums -"Chemical Reaction "(Polystar), "Pink Soup" (Tower/Bounce), ""Boy's Life" (VoCo Records). 95) "I Like My Music Loud" Recorded by Skull 96) "Give All The Children Christmas" Recorded by Chuck Jackson 97) "Holiday Heroes" Recorded by Felix Cavaliere # 95-97, co-writers Jon and Sally Tiven Recorded with the John Tivin Group * also recorded by Troy Turner also recorded by Frddie Scott 98) "Protection" * / ** 99) "Second Hand Paradise" ** 100) "You Showed Your Hand" 101) "Yes I Ram" 102) "Brand New Man" ** Songs appearing on the albums "Blue Guru", and "Yes I Ram". #97-99 co-written Jon and Sally Tiven # 100, co-written with Teenie Hodges, Jon and Sally Tiven # 101, co-written with Don Covay, Jon and Sally Tiven 103) "Ich Find Schlager Toll" Recorded by Guildo Horn on Spin-EMI Records/Germany 104) "Everybody Get Up" Recorded by FIVE on BMG records 105) "I Love Hip Hop" Recorded by Dragon Ash on Victor Records
Recorded by Alan Merrill solo on the album- Cupid Deranged. 106) "Like Heaven" 107) "8MM" 108) "Action To Reaction" 109) " You Don't Know What You Want" 110) "Dead End Zone" 111) "Wait For It" 112) "TNTeenager" 113) "Radio" 114) "Move It" 115) "Miles Away" Songs appearing The Arrows and Friends -Tawny Tracks on Geltoob records- (#116-#117, co-written with Bill Wyman and Terry Taylor) 116) Baby Doll 117) At The Candy Shop (#118 &120, co-written with Terry Taylor) (#119, 122, co-written with Terry Taylor and Allen David) 118) Horny Lips 119) Cheating Woman 120) Rock N Roll Hotel (#121 co-written with Dallas Taylor) 121) International Gypsy Lovers 122) French Cheating Woman (#123, 124, co-written with Terry Taylor) 123) Motor Running 124) Driving All Night (#125, co-written with Tetsu Yamauchi and Paul Varley) (#126, 127, co-written with Tetsu Yamauchi) 125) Basing Street Leslie 126) Come On, Come On, Baby 127) Somebody To Love 128) Feel So Good
Songs appearing on the 2004 solo CD "Aleecat" on MEC Records 129) Everytime she comes around 130) IIlusion 131) Trisha Uptown 132) No Speed Limit 133) Lost In Lust 134) Somebody Special 135) Next Time 136) Phoenix and the Renegade 137) Saxozone 138) Nothing To Lose 139) Woman Come On Home 140) Mind On The Road ( Recorded by Rev Run - 2005)
Songs appearing on the 2006 re-issue "Merrill 1" (bonus tracks) 141) Jacqueline 142) Long Hard Road 143) The Drifter 144) Long Shot (Bonus track on the 2006 CD "At The Candy Shop") 145) Only 19 (Bonus track on the 2007 maxi single "Rive Gauche ") 146) It's A Hard Road ( track on the 2008 maxi single "Hard Road") 147) Out On The Line (track on the 2008 CD "The Aleecat, Live In Japan") 148) Nothing Ever Happens ( track on the 2011 album "Numbers") 149) Whole World Rock ( track on the 2011 album "Numbers") 150) Helium Hag ( track on the 2011 album "Numbers") 151) Numbers ( track on the 2011 album "Numbers") 152) The Sound Of Jets ( track on the 2011 album "Numbers") 153) Snakes and Ladders (title track on the 2012 CD "Snakes and Ladders") 154) Me. You ( track on the 2012 album "Snakes and Ladders") 155) Restless Soul ( track on the 2012 album "Snakes and Ladders") 156) Fire In A Wax Museum ( track on the 2012 album "Snakes and Ladders") 157) Cat's Eye Moon ( track on the 2012 album "Snakes and Ladders") 158) Season Of Our Love (track on the 2013 album "Songer Singwriter") 159) Lift In Your Life (track on the 2013 CD "Songer Singwriter") 160) Straight To My Heart (track on the 2013 CD "Songer Singwriter") 161) Who In The World (track on the 2013 CD "Songer Singwriter") 162) Let "Em Roll (track on the 2013 CD "Songer Singwriter") 163) Waiting (track on the 2013 CD "Songer Singwriter") 164) Heaven n Hell (track on the 2013 CD "Songer Singwriter") 165) Number One (track on the 2013 CD "Songer Singwriter") 166) Child Of The Night(All songs below on the "Demo Graphic" album 2016) 167) Intensive Care 168) Happiness Is Money 169) Married 170) Princess Of Pain 171) John Key Hill 172) The End Of The Night 173) Don't Give Up On The Feeling 174) In The Eyes 175) Too Shy 176) Struck By Lightning 177) Right Here Tonight 178) Making Up My Mind 179) Slipaway 180) Party Girl 181) I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love 182) Stop! 183) Chippewa Woman 184) Devil's Day (All songs below on the "On A Blue Avenue" album) 2018 185) On A Blue Avenue 186) I'm Daydreaming 187) Breaking The Chains 188) Competition 189) This Love Is Forever 190) Intoxicated 191) Lay With Me 192) Enter The Night 193) One More Heartache 194) Reaching Out To You 195) Your Love Song 196) Written On The Wind 197) You, Love & Me 198) Can't Live Without Love 199) Still There 200) Remind Me (as recorded by Eminem) (All songs below on the "Radio Zero" album) 2019 201) Across The Pond (TV show theme song) 202) Equalizer 203) Sun On The Hill 204) Love Just Happens 205) Stella, Stella 206) Hard Enough 207) Lady Sloane 208) December 7° In The Shade 209) Radio Zero 210) Dark Music 211) Don Quixote Absolutely 212) Brand New Day 213) Goodbye, Rock N Roll Heroes 214) Before My Eyes 215) Avalanche (All songs below on the "It's Always Rock 'N Roll" album) 2020 216) It's Always Rock 'N Roll 217) Looking 218) Heart Full Of Sorrow 219) Just Time Away 220) Nothing In The World 221) Roll The Dice 222) Voices 223) Sweet Angel Eyes 224) He Said, She Said 225) Dancing Ambrose 226) Carnal Knowledge 227) Still Feel The Same