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1969 - The Lead Sound Of Silence LP (RCA Victor)
1970 - Alan Merrill 'Alone In Tokyo' LP (Atlantic)
1970 - Allan Merrill "Namida" 45 rpm (Atlantic)
1970 - Allan Merrill 'Taiyo To Ame' 45 rpm(Atlantic)
1971 - Allan Merrill 'Merrill 1' LP (Columbia/Denon-Mushroom)
1971- Allan Merrill 'Everyday All Night Stand' 45 rpm (Columbia/Denon-Mushroom)
1971- Miki Curtis, 'Just A Little Happiness' 45 rpm (Vertigo)
1971- Garo, 'Gakkusei No Kissa' (Columbia/Denon)
1971- Too Much featuring Juni Rush (Columbia/Denon Mushroom) single
1971- Gypsy Blood (Vertigo)
1972- Garo, 'Single File' (Columbia/Denon -7035-Z)
1972- Miki Curtis, 'Mimi' LP (Vertigo FX8602)
1972- Various Artists, 'Rock n Roll' (King Records)
1972- Too Much featuring Juni Rush (Columbia/Denon Mushroom) - album.
1972- Monsieur and Tib Kamayatsu 'Father and Mad Son' (Phillips)
1973- Vodka Collins 'Tokyo-New York' LP (EMI Toshiba)
1973- Vodka Collins 'Sands Of Time' 45 rpm (EMI-Toshiba)
1974- The Arrows 'Touch Too Much' 45 rpm (RAK-EMI)
1974- The Arrows 'Toughen Up' 45 rpm (RAK-EMI)
1975- The Arrows 'My Last Night With You' 45 rpm (RAK-EMI)
1975- The Arrows 'I Love Rock N Roll' 45 rpm (RAK-EMI)
1975- The Arrows 'Hard Hearted' 45 rpm (RAK-EMI)
1975- Cozy Powell 'The Man In Black' 45 rpm (RAK-EMI)
1976- The Arrows 'First Hit' LP (RAK-EMI)
1978- Runner 'Runner' LP (Island)
1979- Runner "Run For Your Life" 45 rpm (Island)
1980- Hilly Michaels 'Lumia' LP Warner Bros.
1980 - Catherine Howe 45rpm single 'When the Night Comes'
1982 - Joan Jett And the Blackhearts 'I Love Rock N Roll' (Boardwalk)
1983 - Rick Derringer 'Good Dirty Fun' LP (Passport)
1983 - Lou Rawls 'When the Night Comes' (Epic)
1983 - Family Players 'I Love Funk and Roll' (Philadelphia International)
1983 - Wierd Al 'I love Rocky Road' (Scotti Bros Records)
1984 - Kings and Queens (Lavill Records)
1984 - Rick Derringer 'Rock Spectacular' Video Concert (Sony)
1985 - Alan Merrill LP 'Alan Merrill' LP (Polydor)
1985 - Alan Merrill 'Hard Hearted Woman' 45 rpm (Polydor)
1987 - Meat Loaf 'Live At Wembley' LP (RCA/Arista)
1988 - DC Lacroix Livin' by the Sword" (Medusa Records)
1998 - Mika Ohashi 'Starring' (Omagatoki Records).
1990 - Alan Merrill 'Who Done it' 45 rpm (MEC)
1990 - Glam Crazee - Various Artists (Virgin Records)
1993 - Tribute To Don Covay 'Back To The Streets' (Shanachie)
1994 - Tribute to Arthur Alexander 'Adios Amigo' (Razor and Tie)
1994 - Joan Jett - Wayne's World 'I Love Rock N Roll' (Reprise)
1994 - Various Artists 'Piss and Vinegar' (Razor&Tie)
1995 - Tribute to Otis Blackwell 'Brace Yourself' (Shanachie)
1995 - 'Blue Guru' LP (Fountainbleu)
1995 - Various Artists 'Holiday Heroes' (Soul purpose)
1995 - Lou Rawls 'Love Songs' (Epic records)
1996 - The Grand (Flag Records)
1996 - 'He Don't Know' cd single (Provogue)
1996 - Vodka Collins "Chemical Reaction" LP (Polystar)
1997 - Five 'Five' (RCA/ARISTA)
1997 - Paxton 'Paxton' (Nemporer)
1997 - Vodka Collins "Pink Soup" LP (Tower/Bounce)
1997 - Myim Rose 'Myim Rose' (Rosewater)
1997- Joan Jett 'Fit To Be Tied' (Blackheart)
1997 - Hits of the 70's (Tio Records) CDTR BOX 312
1998 - Best Glam (Virgin/EMI) VTDCD 139
1998 - Joan Jett And The Sex Pistols 'Flashback' (Blackheart)
1998 - 'Yes I Ram' LP (New West)
1998 - Alan Merrill 'Never Pet A Burning Dog' LP (MEC)
1998 - Vodka Collins 'Boy's Life' LP(VoCo/MEC)
1998 - Mitch Weissman 'Tip of the Iceberg' (Terminal Zone)
1998 - Group Sounds - Various Artists 1998 (Warner Bros records)
1999 - Blue Impule meets The Lead (RCA Victor Records)
1999 - Rick Derringer 'Rick Derringer and Friends' (King Biscuit)
1999 - Dragon Ash 'I Love Hip Hop' (Victor)
2000 - Meat Loaf 'Prime Cuts' (RCA/Arista)
2000 - Various Artists "Glitter Rock" (Best Hits International)
2000 - Essential Glam Rock- Various Artists (EMI Records)
2000 - The Arrows 'First Hit' reissue 10 bonus tracks (Repertoire)
2001 - Alan Merrill 'A Merrilly Christmas' LP (MEC)
2001 - Five 'Greatest Hits' (RCA/ARISTA)
2001 - Manchurians "One for All" (Thinman)
2001 - Freddie Scott 'Brand New Man' (Evangeline)
2001 - Britney Spears 'Britney' (Jive)
2002 - Alan Merrill 'Cupid Deranged' (MEC Records)
2002 - Britney Spears single 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll' (Jive)
2002 - The Arrows and Friends 'Tawny Tracks' (Geltoob)
2002 - The Yankees reissue of 'high and inside' (Airmail)
2002 - The Arrows, 'The Singles Collection, Plus' Cherry Red
2003 -Re-issue of 'Runner' with bonus tracks
2003 - Alan Merrill 'Double Shot Rocks' Geltoob Records
2003 - Various artists tribute to Van Morrison
2003 - Velvet Tinmine Various artist glam rock compilation
2003 - Forever Young - 'I love rock n roll' (Universal Records)
2003 - Music From Fashion Week - spring summer
2004 - Alan Merrill 'Aleecat' (MEC Records)
2004 - Britney Spears Greatest Hits 2004 (Jive Records)
2004 - Vodka Collins "Boys In The Band" (Polystar/Felicity)
2004 - 'I love rock n roll' archival re-issue, EMI special products.
'Everytime She Comes Around', 'Trisha Uptown', 'Illusion' solo CD maxi Single, MEC records
2004 -The Arrows reissue, 'A's B's and Rarites' (EMI Records)
July 2005 - 'Sands Of Time' bi-lingual cd single, in English and Japanese.
July 2005 - 'Mind On The Road'. Reverend Run (Run/DMC) releases his first solo CD single.
July 2005 - 'Distortion'. Reverend Run (Run/DMC) releases his first solo CD single.
2004 - Kizooks 'Super Huge Very Big Hits' 2005 (Koch Records)
2005 - Gregoire 4 'Eternelles Compulsions' 2005 (Section Musicale Records)
2006 Alan Merrill new solo album 'At The Candy Shop' on Geltoob Records.
CJ junior's 2006 version of 'I Love Reggaeton.'
2006 'Colours Of Life' Various Artists
2006 Veteran rockers Showaddywaddy cover 'I Love Rock N Roll.'
2007 Kurious Kurt and the Zug Zug Club's 'We've Got Our Own Best Of To Do.' A tribute to Ron Wood.
2007 Kurious Kurt and the Zug Zug Club's Heart Hole EP edition.
2007 Kurious Kurt and the Zug Zug Club's 'Far East Man' EP.
2007 Five Millenium Remix. 'Everybody Get Up.'
2007 Various Artists, 3 CD compilation featuring Arrows.
2007 Nikki Sudden's 'Don't Get Jazzy With Me' EP.
2007 'I Love Rock N Roll'-Alan Merrill's extended play summer EP single 2007.
2007 Lee Da Hae 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll' in Korean and English.
2007 Alan Merrill, Rive Gauche a maxi single EP tribute to The Left Banke.
Arrows on a huge seventies hit compilation reissue
Alan Merrill 2008 Extended play single 'Hard Road'
Alan Merrill's solo reissue in Japanese 'Alien In Tokyo'
Alan Merrill - 'Aleecat Live In Japan' reissue
Alan Merrill - Warner Brothers compilation reissue
Godzilla and Yellow Gypsy (Japan) reissue from 1971
Rick Derringer 1982 reissue on Angel Air records
Alan Merrill solo album 'The Face Of 69' 2010 release.
Alan Merrill's solo collections vol.2, - Numbers
Joan Jett's Greatest Hits CD release- 2011
Rick Derringer Rock Spectacular album
LA Guns cover 'I Love Rock N Roll'
Alan Merrill's debut solo album CD reissue 'Alone In Tokyo' (1970)
Kanikuly dance music double album
Arrows 'I love rock n roll' on 70s compilation
Meat Loaf live 'Bat Out Of Hell' 7 inch vinyl Single
Meat Loaf live 'Bat Out Of Hell' Single credits
Runner single 'Gone Too Long' / 'Run For Your Life'
Runner single 'Gone Too Long' 45 RPM vinyl Germany
Britney Spears greatest hits album.
Rick Derringer & 'Shake Me' on an 80s hit compilation reissue
The Arrows 'My Last Night With You' on a RAK Records hit singles compilation
Miley Cyrus 'Can't Be Tamed' Wonderworld Tour album 'I Love Rock N Roll'
Bruce Bauer 'Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong' on Blow Up records Japan, CD -184A
NoNo Nevada, 'I Love Rock N Roll' title track of her debut album
Mari Kaneko covers Alan Merrill's 'Automatic Pilot' - on her 'Sweet Memories' CD.
Alan Merrill's 2012 solo album- 'Snakes and Ladders' (The collections vol.3)
Shinohara Nobuhiko's debut solo album Restless Soul (Pony Canyon 2012)
'Rock N Roll Typhoon' Rock legends from Japan reissue from 1973. (2013, Sony 085H 158)
Alan Merrill's solo album 'Songer Singwriter' (MEC Records) 2013
Alan Merrill's solo EP "Arrows 40th Anniversary Edition" (MEC Records) 2014
Superfly coupling album 2015 featuring Alan Merrill playing guitar on his composition, I Love Rock'N'Roll
Remixed, remastered Cupid Derranged (Redux) 2017
2018 On A Blue Avenue
2019 Radio Zero