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I Love Rock N Roll, 02 Academy, London UK, 12-17-2017
Alan Merrill's new Arrows, I Love Rock N Roll, at the 02 Islington, London UK, December 17th, 2017 with Dave Glover (bass) and Chris Connolly (drums). Alan Merrill wrote and recorded the original Arrows version of this classic song in 1975. Back in London England where it all started for this song. Filmed and edited with love by Rie Mukai. (c) 2018
Alan Merrill, Bridge To The Moon, Live In Japan 1990
Alan Merrill performs his composition "Bridge To The Moon" live in Japan in 1990. This was secretly the first of a series of reunions of the band Vodka Collins. The band is a fabulous unit, featuring Hiroshi Oguchi on drums, Robin LeMesurier on lead guitar, Donnie Kisselbach on bass, The Coconuts on backing vocals (Adriana Kaegi, Janique Svedberg, Cheryl Lee Poirier), Shinohara Nobuhiko on keyboards, The Upskirt Horns (Toshi, Yohan and Hiro) on brass.
My Last Night With You
Long thought to be lost in a mass of tape deletions by the BBC of Top Of The Pops episodes, this clip features a performance by The Arrows from the British TV show show Top Of The Pops in February 1975 doing their top 30 chart hit "My Last Night With You" produced by Mickie Most on his RAK reocrds label.
The Arrows Show
Marc Bolan & The Arrows
Glam rock god Marc Bolan stands and delivers his 1976 hit single "Laser Love", on The Arrows Show. The Arrows close the show with the top 30 1975 b-side (To their hit single "My Last Night With You") - "Movin' Next Door To You" -
When The Night Comes
Lou Rawls
The great Lou Rawls, and the song "When The Night Comes" - title track of his 1983 Epic Records album. The song was originally written for the Island Records band Runner's second album, and composed by Runner founding band member guitarist/vocalist Alan Merrill.
Brand New Man
Freddie Scott
Freddie Scott, performing "Brand New Man"- From the album titled Brand New Man (2001) An R&B legend Freddie Scott is most famous for his huge sixties hit "Hey Girl" which is possibly one of the best R&B ballads ever recorded. Composed by Don Covay, Alan Merrill, Jon & Sally Tiven.
Walk Away Renee
Alan Merrill with The Left Banke
Alan Merrill singing "Walk Away Renee" with Tom Finn and George Cameron of The Left Banke. 3-24-2011 in a Red Cross benefit concert for relief for Japan's tsunami victims. The show was held at The Bowery Electric in lower Manhattan, NYC.
Walk Away Renee
Alan Merrill
Alan Merrill's rendition of the Left Banke's "Walk Away Renee" from his limited edition CD Rive Gauche.