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June 2014 - Alan Merrill has released an Arrows "40th anniversary Edition" Extended Play single featuring re-recordings of Arrows hit singles and popular TV tracks. It was released on Monday, June 30th 2014- http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/alanmerrill20. Also Alan's composition "I Love Rock N Roll" is being used in a new Toyota commercial in Japan that started airing the first week of June 2014. It will run on Japanese television for a year. http://youtu.be/L7EpxpwTnOA As usual Alan is doing band backed electric and solo acoustic shows this month. See the tour dates and appearances section of this website for details.

5/17/2014 - Lots of local New York area solo acoustic and electric shows coming up. Please see the Tour Dates and Appearances section of this website for dates. Also on May 21 Alan Merrill will co-host the Rew & Who show live on Ustream at 4PM EST. The website has also been revamped.

3/31/2014 - The Arrows top 10 hit from 1974 "Touch Too Much" featuring the lead vocals of Alan Merrill is in a new film soundtrack about the life of the King of Soho, Paul Raymond. The film is titled "The Look Of Love." -- More electric band backed shows by the Alan Merrill band in the New York City area this month. Watch the tour dates and appearances section of this website for show dates. There are always new shows being added.

2/12/2014 - This year Alan Merrill is working on a recording tribute, an 8 song EP dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Arrows, a band he started in London England in 1974. It will be released this spring to coincide with the release of the band's debut hit single "Touch Too Much" (RAK). January and February this year Alan has done band backed shows with his trio, here's "Wild Thing" and "Jumping Jack Flash" - He has also been doing solo acoustic shows. More to come. Watch to tour dates and appearances section of this website for shows.

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