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August - Sept. 2018 - Alan Merrill has started a new solo album, with two tracks already recorded. Release date estimated to be by the end of the year. He has also written a brand new song that's being covered by a UK glam rock icon. More news about this soon! Lots of print and press interviews with various magazines, TV and radio shows during these months. As usual some live shows are in the works, information on the "Tour Dates & Appearances" section of this website.
June-July 2018 - Alan is working on finishing his autobiography during this time frame, which he has described as "like climbing Mount Everest." The book will detail his childhood in the world of jazz, then moving on to his tri-continental 50+ year career in rock, R&B and pop music. He is also starting on a new album with all new songs to be released end of the year. We say a sad goodbye to George Cameron of the Left Banke, who passed away June 24th, 2018. He was a frequent guest on stage with the Alan Merrill group in recent years. Alan will be playing some shows around the New York City area, both solo acoustic and with the band.
March-April-May 2018 - Alan has released a song titled "Across The Pond" for the new TV series of the same name for the MyJam Music Network. He wrote the song and plays all the instruments on the track. The song is avaiable on all major internet outlets for download. Alan also is the host of the TV show featuring guests from the UK, Scotland and Ireland. As usual Alan will be playing some shows around the New York City area, both solo acoustic and with the band.
Jan.-Feb. 2018 - Alan has a song co-write on the new Eminem album "Revivial" titled "Remind Me" (track #7) which made its debut at #1 in the Billboard top 200 album charts mid December 2017. It's been in the Billboard top ten since then. Alan's new album "On A Blue Avenue" is selling well and is getting great reviews. The album was offically released Dec. 15th 2017. It's available at CD Baby for download, also at iTunes, Amazon and other internet outlets. Alan Merrill Band shows at The Sidewalk Cafe NYC and The Parkside are scheduled for Jan. and Feb. 2018. He will also be taping a new TV show pilot at Ethyl's titled "Across The Pond" for MyJam Music Network on the upper east side of Manhattan on Jan. 31st. The show will feature videos by new acts from the UK with news and reviews, prodcued and directed by David Zucker. Alan is still working on his ever expanding autobiographical book which is now at 400 pages.